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Our Cause

By participating the World Record Challenge, you will be helping kids lead kids’ lives alongside the Barwon Health Foundation Kids Appeal.


The Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service (VPRS) is a public service just for young people in the Barwon South West Region. The focus of the service is on “kids leading kids’ lives”: this includes going to school, being with friends and enjoying hobbies and sports.

Since 2009, clinicians and specialists at the VPRS have been working with the Royal Children’s Hospital staff and children from infancy to late adolescence (0-18), including those with traumatic brain injuries, strokes and spinal cord injuries.

In 2016, VPRS saw 156 patients from the Geelong region and assisted 108 in the first half of 2017. Many of these children and youth have had an acquired brain injuring from car accidents, falls, strokes or brain tumours.

It is estimated about 20,000 Australian children aged under 15 years have an acquired brain injury. Others have had spinal cord injuries or surgery to muscles, bones or tendons to allow better movement.

These children are treated in the Community Rehabilitation Centre at the McKellar Centre, which has been designed for adults. However, to tailor programs to each child and family’s specific needs, Geelong is in need of a rehabilitation facility for children and youth.

This exciting new project will only be possible with local support and will be fully funded by the community.

The state-of-the-art centre will include a gym, consulting rooms, a therapy kitchen, playground and private treatment rooms. It is hoped this project will reach its goal of $3 million within three years, through generous community support.

See below the initial draft concept of the rehabilitation centre.

Our Organisation

Established in 1848, when a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers came together to rally the government to fund our comprehensive health service. Since then, we have been providing world class care to patients throughout their life.

We provide care throughout ones entire lifecycle from birth through to death and we feel privileged to be involved in such a personal and often distressing time in one’s life.

Crack open the piggy bank and help us fill the Coin-O-Meter! Our target to break the World Record.

$16,615 of $600,000 raised

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